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Bmore Cola


Once a kid obsessed with collecting Happy Meal toys, my childhood and early adolescence was filled with soft drink imagery.

Moving to Baltimore in 2003, I had constant encounters with vintage, backlit soft drink signage – as it demarcated old carry-out joints, and liquor stores throughout Charm City.

That time-faded iconography was further enhanced by the stores themselves, often having little trace of being updated in decades. As childhood associations surfaced, inspiration took hold.

So get a refill back in time... Refresh your wardrobe, and quench your thirst – all the while paying homage to the slowly fading visual vernacular of the Baltimore streets.

Screen printed on super-soft turquoise American Apparel tees and 50/50 cotton/poly tank tops.

100% Made in USA. Designed and Printed in Baltimore.

★ Limited Edition!

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